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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Venice Panorama Sailaway

1st Full Day at Sea

Our first full day at sea began with a knock on the door from one of the stewards delivering coffee and juice at 7:30. We enjoyed the ocean view and I did some photo editing. We are on the 11th deck toward the back (stern) on the starboard (right) side. The breakfast buffet is all the way forward on the 15th deck. We journeyed to breakfast and later MA elected to go to the “Sanctuary”, an area on the boat reserved for adults and a designated quiet place for sunning, swimming, reading, and, yes, even cookies and milk in the afternoon.

I went back to the room to solve a Greek puzzle. Every time I brought up the blog to post, all the links were in Greek. When someone says, “That’s Greek to me,” I now understand what they mean. I managed to solve the problem and got the blog posted that you read yesterday.

Spent most of the rest of the day editing pictures from Venice. Some of the best were taken on the sail-away which you see on the blog.

Wandered around the ship, checking out things, then we tried our hand at the Trivia game and got 11 of 20 right. Oh well! Who knew what musical instrument used to be known as a “kit” (Violin) or what type of fruit is known as a tsatsami (orange).

We met some really nice people from Canada at the coffee bar. Supper was at 8:30 and met our other two table mates, Bob and Peggy from Manchester, England. Bob is a taxi driver and an avid Manchester United football (soccer) fan. These two days are our “laid-back” at-sea days. On Friday it’s put on the walking shoes and get ready to spend a full day ashore in Greece. Wonder if Zorba’s still around! Later !!
St. Marks Square from the top deck of the Ruby Princess

Venice skyline


  1. Hi Wayne!
    Snazzy shots of the Venice skyline and St. Mark's Square from the ship! The Venice panorama stands on its own, beautiful. A word from Randy: "The Nicois expression for relaxing is "farniente", half-Italian, half-Nice patois. It's fun to pronounce. Randy's elaborated version is "Nothing to Do, and All Day To Do It." Our Coursegoules neighbors like his interpretation! Be sure M.A. brings her whistle with her in Greece! Can't wait to hear how it went. :) Love, Nola & Randy

  2. WW, such great photography, and a wonderful adventure. I have enjoyed it all. John Kitto

  3. Wayne/MA,

    I'm running late checking out the travel blog today. These are some great shots from the ship and if they are any indication of your photo ops and picture quality - can't wait for the galleries. There is certainly no lack of color in all your photos on this trip thus far.

    Have a God blessed day - dave b.


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