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Friday, September 10, 2010

Morning in Vence & Cagnes sur Mer

Henry's Cafe
This morning I got up early as usual and walked around Vence looking for some photo ops finding some interesting scenes that I will post later in my Smugmug website folder called "Uniquely French".

I found my way back to the Hotel Diana around 8:30 and MA was up and ready to go to Henry's Cafe for coffee. (See Pic above and below!) We stopped in the local store and bought four yogurts, two for breakfast and two for tomorrow.  At Henry's, MA ordered two "cafes creme" in perfect French and we sat outside watching the people converse and greet each other.  Friends greet each other with a kiss on each cheek, male-male or female-female or male-female, it's just a polite way to greet friends.  The procession of people passing by included locals with their dogs, kids on toy scooters, shop keepers, tourists, and moms escorting the kids to school.

After coffee at Henry's we found out it was Friday open air market day in the town square. We checked out the assorted stalls selling fruits and vegetables, olives, eggs, flowers, spices, pastry, breads, clothes, sunglasses, jewelry, watches, shoes, hand bags, and I'm sure I forgot something.  I splurged and bought an extra tee shirt and pair of sunglasses as I had left mine in Houston.

I am not shy about saying hello to strangers and on the way back to the Hotel Diana I greeted an older passerby with my "Bon Jour". Somehow he figured out we were tourists and asked where we were from.  I of course said "Texas". (I have found that if you say Texas it immediately invokes a positive reaction from 98% of the people).   

He smiled and switched to English introducing himself as Xavier. He told us he had lived in New York many many years ago. After a brief conversation and how much we enjoyed Vence we said good bye and he continued on toward the market square.

Henry's patrons with their black dog
Nola picked us up and we drove down to the coast to the small town of Cagnes sur Mer for lunch at "Le Neptune", a seaside seafood restaurant. Afterwards, Nola and MA dipped their toes in the Riviera Mediterranean and then we headed back, taking some detours to see the "real French" neighborhoods.  Coffee and fresh lemonade followed back at Henry's and Nola dropped us off at the Diana.

The rest of our plans for today included hooking up with an old friend of mine, Michel Jambou and his wife Chantal. We rendez-vou'd at a cafe (of course) in the market square and caught up with old times over drinks and pizza. 

I had met Michel about 20 years ago via mutual friends while I was still with HPD.  He is a flight attendant for Air France and he and his wife were in Provence looking for a home to buy when he retires.  MA and Chantal conversed in French mostly and I practiced my English with Michel.  They offered to take us to Coursegoules tomorrow to meet up with Nola and Randy at their place.

Vence Square produce stand

Calling it a night now! It's 2pm in Houston, 9pm here.  We'll be in prayer for TLC tomorrow. It might be on French time, but HE doesn't care!

Later!  WW & MA

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  1. Wayne/MA,

    Henry??? Not a name you would think for a French cafe. If it wasn't for his sign - I would think you were mistaken.

    Must say again - your travel blog activity descriptions make me feel as though I was along on the trip. I am looking forward to the "Uniquely French" gallery.

    Have another God blessed day - dave b.


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