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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Packing Tips and We're Off to Nice

Packing is MA's job.  She won't even let me in the room when she's stuffing the bags.  Here's what we do.  We lay everything out we need for the trip in our spare bedroom.  We are going to be gone 24 days, over half on the Ruby Princess with a bunch of Europeans so we're dressing up more than say if this were a Caribbean cruise.  I pack really light. The rest is all MA's! Still our two bags weigh less than 40 lbs each. We have a hand baggage scale so we know precisely how much each bag weighs. We just don't want to pay all those excess overweight baggage fees!

MA packs things into multiple space saver bags and vacuums out the air to create a bunch of "clumps" of clothes. This way we can take what we need but without huge suitcases. When baggage weight is close to the limit, we wear our heavier stuff on the flight, like my blue blazer I need for dinners on Princess.

Susan and Jacob are coming at 3:30 to take us to the airport. Next stop is Bush Intercontinental.  Our Continental flight leaves at 7:00 PM.  We arrive in Frankfurt, Germany at 11:35AM.  We then (hopefully) board a Lufthansa flight for Nice, France.  I say hopefully because we have a 1:05 connection time and can't get print the Lufthansa boarding passes or get seat assignments until we are at the airport.

We've been getting up at 3am all week to get adjusted to the time change.  Where we'll be is 7 hours ahead of Houston.

Later! WW

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