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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday; Lunch with Friends in Coursegoules

Coursegoules Village

Saturday turned out to be a day in Coursegoules, the small mountain village where Nola and Randy live.  It's about 15 km from Vence and a 1000 feet higher at 3000 feet above sea level.   MA and I got up earlier, walked to the Boulangerie for a pastry to take to Henry's where we have "cafe creme" every morning. We sat there people watching, a fascinating passtime for us here.

MA walked back to the hotel and I took some photos around the square of people selling their produce.  One lady in particular whom I've seen every morning has the most wonderful tomatoes I have ever seen or tasted.  I usually buy one, slice it up right there and have it for a breakfast dessert.
Michel and Chantal arrived at 11:00 and we all drove up to Nola and Randy's "maison".  We had coffee on their beautiful terrace and then off for lunch at the Le Bistro in Coursegoules.

Lunch was a choice between steak, breaded turkey steak or pork loin.  It came with carrots, peas, ravolli and stuffed vegetables with a salad or sausage plate as a starter.  After lunch we strolled around this beautiful old village and of course I took many photos. 

We said "au-voir" to Michel and Chantal and the four of us took off for a visit to a close friend of Nola and Randy's.  Her name is Karen and she has a beautiful apartment with a great view of the Mediterranean.  In the course of the conversastion it came around that we would be welcome to do a vacation rental with Karen perhaps next summer.  Guess MA will stick with her French lessons for another year!!  Was there ever a doubt? !! Later last evening MA's other sister Maureen surprised her with a call from California.  These sisters! They sure love to talk!

Time to pack up and head for Venice on Baboo airlines.  That should be fun.  They have super strict baggage rules on Baboo so we've been packing carefully and weighing and balancing everything to keep at 44 pounds per bag. Had to pack my backpack in MA's carryon to stay at the one bag carryon limit. Two days in Venice and we board Princess Cruises.  It's all good but we also miss our other life in TLC and Houston and getting to talk to our grandchildren and their parents!

Later! WW & MA



  2. Wayne/MA,

    Thanks for the update.

    Sure sounds like great places to live. Can't imagine living in a place with a view overlooking the Med.

    The food there sounds great. You and MA seem to eat quite often - going from one establishment after another. I better not take one of these trips.

    Have another God blessed day - dave b.

  3. Love the picture of Randy and Auntie Nola! Sounds like you guys are having a great time! All good back home! Sus


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