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Monday, January 3, 2011

Changing Equipment: #1 New Camera Bag, Think Tank Urban Disguise 50

Think Tank Urban Disguise 50
      After we got home from the Med cruise I realized that I needed to change the way I carry my photo equipment.  I used a small roll-on Swiss Army luggage as a  camera bag and a shoulder bag for my laptop computer.  The problem with carry-on luggage is it must be stored in the overhead compartment of your airliner.  We would often find ourselves getting on the plane with the last group and all the overhead compartments were full.  These excess bags would be taken by the flight crew and sent below with the checked baggage.  That happened on our flight from Nice to Venice.  However, I removed my camera and lenses putting the camera around my shoulder and the lenses in my vest pockets.  Another problem I encountered was if I did find space in the overhead for my photo gear it was not where I was sitting.  This necessitated me making a mad dash to the bag on the final stop at our destination. Either way I had two carry-on bags.  My goal was to eliminate this problem.  I began a research of bags and at the suggestion of a friend, David Billingsley, I looked at the line from Think Tank.  The one I chose to purchase was the Urban Disguise 50.  It has compartments for a pro DSLR with lens attached, 2-3 additional lenses, accessories with a pocket for carrying a 15 in. computer.  I began to watch for it on eBay and found a used mint Urban Disguise for around $50.  I won the auction.

The Think Tank holds exactly what I need to take with me on travels; Nikon D3s, normal zoom 24-120mm, wide angle 20mm, med. telephoto 200mm f/4, and a 50mm f/1.4.  Looking at all the photos I took on the Med cruise, these lenses will cover 95% of them.  I will miss the 16-35mm wide angle zoom, however, I will not miss the weight.

     In addition I can take the wife's laptop in the side pocket and all this in one bag which will fit under an airline seat.  If you noticed I made some changes in lenses also. This is the subject of the next blog. 

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  1. Hi Wayne,
    I can see how that was an annoying problem before. I'm happy for you that you were able to improve the situation! MA lives right: her husband is a big, strong man who doesn't mind adding her laptop's extra weight to the new bag. Every travelin' gal should be so lucky!
    Love from your sister-in-law, Nola


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