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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Portland and Three Lighthouses

We arrived in Portland, Maine this morning, got up early, had breakfast in the cabin and met our tour group in the Princess Theater at 8:00.  We were off on our tour of the "Lighthouses of Maine" with Judy as our local guide.  There were about 50 of us on the bus.  We learned that Henry Wadsworth Longfellow lived here in Portland.  The proof was I actually saw his house which is still standing and the citizens of Portland have erected a statue of him.

Our first lighthouse of the day was the Portland Breakwater known locally as the "Bug".  It was built in 1875. At 27 feet in height it is much shorter than most lighthouses.   There is also a memorial to the Liberty ships of WWII which were built right here in Portland.  I remember we had a mothballed fleet of Liberty ships anchored in Beaumont at one time.  I think they have all been sold for scrap metal.

The next lighthouse of the day was the Spring Point Ledge lighthouse.  It was built in 1876.  It is 54 feet in height.  I spotted Mary Alice, taking some pictures with her Sony.  I was pleased about that!
MA's photo of the Portland Head Light lighthouse...not bad honey!

Our last stop was the Portland Head lighthouse in old Fort Williams. This is the area's most recognized landmark and the most photographed lighthouse in the USA.  It sits on a a great rocky coast that provided a great backdrop to the photograph.

We returned to the ship, had lunch and enjoyed the rest of the day.


  1. Enjoy your trip you both! and safe trip!

  2. Good to see you two having a great time. The scenery is great. Boston was very beautiful.

  3. WOW - these are great pics - love lighthouse photos from that area. I'm so happy you and MA are on the road again. The Lord has truly blessed you - His love mercy and grace are awesome !!!

    Have a God blessed day - dave

  4. Portland Head Lighthouse is on high on my bucket list-nice going! MA's got a good grip on the framing and composition part of photography! You guys were there at the right time of day also..


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