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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Beautiful Day in Boston


We arrived in Boston this morning and after breakfast Mary Alice and I got our act together and headed down the gangplank to the shuttle bus to town.  We were here a few years ago and did the historic walking tour of Revolutionary sites. 
Faneuil Hall & Samuel Adams

Our first stop was the Quincy Market which is the 4th most visited tourist attraction in all of the the US, ahead even of Disney World in Orlando.   Imagine a building about 300 feet long with take out eating shops every twenty feet.  It was a real smorgasbord of great stuff, from pizzas to fudge stands and it was crowded.  From there we went into Fanueil Hall, an establishment that goes back to the Revolutionary War.  It was the meeting place for the Sons of Liberty who kept the fires of revolution lit in the 1770's.

We then got day tickets on the CityView Trolley Car instead of walking around, although her Fitbit later said she did 6,000 steps. The $36 dollar ticket included a harbor cruise which we had just enough time to make.  That was interesting because the tour guide on the boat was British and he was telling all about how the colonists revolted against the king.  After  touring around Boston harbor we got on one of the trolleys and rode it all around.  The narrator was hilarious, had comments about everyone except us Texans.   Did have to tell him that the word "hoss" has an "r" in it! Back to the ship, lunch, and quiet time!
Inside Quincy Market

Original Harbor House

Harbor Cruise

Our Trolley Car

British Government House, note the Lion and Unicorn on the building

Site of the Boston Massacre 

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  1. Beautiful day - great pictures !!!!!

    Have a God blesses day - dave


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