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Monday, September 28, 2015

Corner Brook, Newfoundland and What I See When Looking at an Ocean Going Fishing Vessel with a 35mm Lens

We arrived in Corner Brook, Newfoundland this morning under clear skies and cooler temperatures.  We had no plans or tours for this port so it was a place that we would just go and see.  After breakfast we gathered camera and jackets and walked off the Caribbean Princess along with hundreds of other passengers.  It was evident that we were not going to see much at this port. 

At the end of the pier, there was a large ocean going fishing ship, Ocean Leader.  As we were waiting in line to catch one of the shuttle buses into town I photographed what I saw through the 35mm camera lens.  When you shoot with a prime lens you have to zoom with your feet.  The Ocean Leader was not manned so there are no fishermen in the photos.  I only had access to one side of the ship.  The deck was a mass of pulleys, cables, nets, floats, and ropes.  There was a small tender mounted on the stern to pull the net into a circle trapping the fish.  After the photo essay of the fishing vessel I joined Mary Alice in line for the shuttle bus.

We boarded a yellow school bus and after a short ride into the town of Corner Brook we were let off at City Hall with hundreds of other passengers.  If there had been a place to rent a car I would have convinced Mary Alice that we needed a way to get out of town for a few hours.  However, there were none so we toured a veteran’s memorial and a drug store and then caught the shuttle bus back to the ship.  Onboard the Caribbean Princess we enjoyed a delicious cappuccino coffee. 
Tonight is “formal” night with lobster and beef wellington on the menu.  I have this theory the food gets better and better as you begin the last leg of the trip so you’ll end up thinking “how great all the food really was”. Note to self: Do not order the chicken scaloppini ever again! It looked like it had been ironed instead of grilled.

Tomorrow we have a “sea” day and on Wednesday morning we dock in Quebec.  The ship becomes our hotel for 24 hours then we move to a local Old Town Quebec hotel which was highly recommended.  We’ll pack one suitcase of cruise clothes that we won’t even open again until we get home, and one of Quebec clothes.  Simplifies things!  Ooh! La! La!

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  1. Hello Wayne,

    Looks like you and MA are enjoying another very nice cruise. Don't know how anyone could deal with all that gear on the fishing boat. Hope the formal night was to your liking - sounded good.

    Keep the D750 going and the pics coming.

    Have a God blessed day - dave b.


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