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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ketchikan: A Walk around Creek Street

Ketchikan:  A Walk around Creek Street

Mary Alice and I are in Ketchikan, Alaska’s first city.  We had breakfast and walked off the ship.  We had to be back by 12:00 Noon and the ship does not wait for late boarders.  We have been here before and decided to just walk around Creek Street, the historical district for the town.  Creek Street is not really a street.  It is a boardwalk with turn of the century buildings that are mainly tourist shops.  So we wandered over to a coffee shop that offered free Wi-Fi with a purchase.  We got a cup of coffee and the Wi-Fi code and got on line.  I was hoping to upload the video I told you about but even using a commercial Wi-Fi place, I get an error message.  If anyone knows how to upload a video onto a blog I would appreciate some help.  We finished our walking tour and walked back to the ship.  That’s all for Ketchikan.  We’ll see you in Victoria tomorrow.
Here are some photos I took around Ketchikan:

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