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Monday, July 15, 2013

2nd Day at Sea

2nd Day at Sea
Our second day at sea started with coffee at 7am in the room and breakfast later at the Amalfi Dining Room.  We’ve met some interesting people so far, one of who was a gentleman from Oregon who is a spitting image of Sam Elliott, the actor. At first we couldn’t remember the name, but then MA came up with “Sam” and later I remembered Elliott.  We ran into the couple later on the Promenade Deck and told him who it was he looked like.  Needless to say, he was flattered.
After breakfast we got dressed for the pool and went up to the “Sanctuary,” a place on the deck 15 that is off limits for kids. I have to tell you it was chilly and I did not bring enough warm clothes with me.  I had almost decided to go back to the room when I saw the hot tub.  The water was warm and that’s where I spent about an hour.  MA got all bundled up in blankets and played Candy Crush Saga and read. 
This was one of the “formal” nights where everyone dresses up and gets a portrait taken.  The “Piazza” on Deck 5 is in the middle of the ship and the place for live music.  The ship has a quartet that plays a mixture of classical and pop songs that we very much enjoy.  They even played some “Paris café” music complete with accordion. 

We chose not to bring our formal wear on this trip but we dressed nicely and found a quiet place at the bow of the ship on deck 15 and had some smoked salmon and crackers while we enjoyed the sea view.  An elderly couple came in really dressed up.  She was in a long formal gown and the gentleman was in a full tuxedo, tails, white bow tie and top hat.  I wish I had asked to take his picture, but thought it too brash.   
Dinner was from 7:30 to 8:30 and MA and I excused ourselves from the table before dessert so we could catch the ventriloquist, Ben Horn, and his trusty side kick.  This was one of the funniest (and cleanest) acts we’ve seen on a cruise. 
BTW – I haven’t described our cabin which was supposed to have a window but with an obstructed view, meaning our view would be an orange life boat.  Somehow we ended up between life boats and from our window we have a full view of the sea, the shore, and we know when it’s day or night!  That’s a good thing as sunrise is at 4am and sunset at 10:30pm!

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