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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day 4: Skagway Our Way

Day 4:  Skagway Our Way

Dan Horn and Gladys....very funny
Last night we went back to see the second act of Dan Horn, the ventriloquist.  He had two new puppets, Gladys the old lady and a dog puppet named Fido.  I laughed so hard it made my eyes water.  He was very funny.

Having visited Skagway on two prior occasions we elected not to do any of the shore excursions but rather go into town on the ship’s shuttle and just be a tourist and gawk at everything.  Our first stop was the tourist information office, operated by the Klondike Gold Rush National Park rangers.  I didn’t know we had that park!  Well, they were urging everyone to go inside the theater for the presentation.  I had a feeling we were not going to see the advertised historical film on the 1897 Gold Rush because the caption on the screen read, “Flower Gardening on the Edge.”  A lady Park Ranger started her 45 minute lecture and I nudged MA, “Let’s go.”  MA said it would be impolite so she sat there. I stayed for about 3 more minutes and excused myself.  I had a ball in the book store looking at all the books on Alaska.  MA said she enjoyed the lecture and if she’s happy, I’m happy.

We walked down the main street of Skagway (population 853) which is lined with wooden sidewalks and lots of shops selling jewelry, t-shirts, caps, souvenirs, etc.  The weather could not have been more pleasant, 70 degrees with a bright blue sky.  We thought about going on a short train ride but there’s no such thing. The only train goes to the White Pass in Canada (3 hours) and we’ve done that one.  MA wanted to go again but I didn’t.  I won this one, although with us, it’s not really a “contest”.  We found the shuttle bus stop and went back to the ship.  The afternoon was filled with lunch, reading, swimming and the hot tub, this time with tourist helicopters landing and taking off, flying right over us.  We didn’t do any of those @ $219 a person for their tours but it would have been fun!

Railroad Engine used to clear snow from the track
We had a great dinner, by the window, joining another couple from Texas – San Antonio to be exact. We also took in the comedy show, as always sitting on the end of the aisle in case it’s not our kind of humor and we want to leave.  But this guy was really funny and laughing is good for all of us! We stayed!


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