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Monday, May 4, 2015

Gibraltar: A Brief Stop

A Brief Stop in Gibraltar
We can't complain about the weather on this cruise.  It has been beautiful; calm seas, partly cloudy, mild temperatures.  That is what awaited us in Gibraltar.  We were here a couple of years ago and took a tour to the Spanish coast. 
Gibraltar is one of those places with a storied past.  It is strategically located at the west end of the Mediterranean. And it  guards the entrance to and exit from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean.  It is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom.
We did not want to see the "apes", a breed of tailless monkeys known as Barbary Apes, found near the top of the mountain of Gibraltar.  Nor did we want to see the tunnels that were used as shelter between 1779-1783, War of Spanish Succession known as the Great Siege.  The English emerged victorious and it is an English territory today.

We did need some bottled water.  So, I made a trek into town for a five day supply.  Mary Alice stayed on the ship.
After I got back to the ship we went to 15th deck and sat in the hot tub and let the water jets massage my bruised legs.  My ankles and right leg are still bothering me that I have to take ibuprophen for the swelling.  We splurged on lunch splitting a hot dog and hamburger with iced tea.  Later we both sacked out in the room and woke up in time to get ready for the 7:00pm show and dinner afterward.
I don't normally write about singers, magicians or other performers we see at the Princess Theater on these cruises but this guy was fantastic.  His name is Kyle Esplin. He was billed as a "piano entertainer."  If you have ever seen Jerry Lee Lewis perform it would give you some idea of the type of music he plays.  All I can say is it was one of the best performances I have ever seen by a guy playing and singing at the piano.  I am sure if you Google "Kyle Esplin" or search Youtube you'll find a clip of one of his shows.

That's all for Gibraltar.  Our next stop is Sardinia, later.

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  1. The n'est views i never see before on portagal and Spain . Thanks Wayne


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