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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Alghero; a Small Port on Sardinia's Western Coast

Us in Bergen, Norway

Alghero;  a Small Port on Sardinia's Western Coast
If you've never heard of Sardinia, look at a map of the Med and find Italy.  Sardinia is the island west of the Italian boot about halfway.  Alghero is on the western coast of Sardinia. 

We arrived around 7:00am this morning amid overcast skies and mild temperatures.  The Emerald Princess dropped anchor about 4 miles from the harbor of Alghero.  If we go ashore it will be by tender craft.  One of the ship's tenders is not in operation so it will take longer to get ashore.  Mary Alice and I went and had breakfast in the Horizon Grill.  She found a couple from Quebec and she was babbling in French to them as I walked up to the table.  She was definitely happy to have found some people to parle in French.  She has really progressed in her language skills conversing with these two from Quebec.  After breakfast we decided to wait a couple of hours before deciding to go ashore.

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