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Friday, January 23, 2015

Cozumel, a walk around the Tourist Zone

Friday, January 23, 2005
Cozumel, Mexico

We docked in Cozumel this morning and passengers began to disembark as early as 7:00am.  In case you haven’t been here before, Cozumel was discovered by Spanish explorer Cortez in 1519.  It’s actually Mexico’s largest island (30mi long and 10mi wide) and is located in the Yucatan peninsula.  It is also Mexico’s most popular tourist stop along with Cancun. 

Mary Alice and I were not in a hurry to get off.  We had a nice breakfast in the Horizon Grill on the 15th deck.  Then I grabbed a camera and off we went down the pier to the tourist shopping area which has really been improved since we were here last year.
There are new shops along with some of the familiar ones.  Of course there are still hawkers outside the shops gesturing, calling and promising a great deal to get you inside.  We walked around and saw a mini-park with a cool new fountain and there were many nice, breezy sitting areas all over the place.  People watching can sometimes be hilarious!
If you want to see Mayan ruins, enjoy a Caribbean beach, see an ecological/archeological theme park or the Chankanaab National Park, or go snorkeling and diving, boating, even go down 104 ft in a submarine and observe sea life, and finish up with a folkloric show with lively mariachi music, Cozumel is for you! 
This guy can make you a bracelet with your name in 5 min.
After the “obligatory” cold drinks and chips and salsa, we walked back to the Emerald Princess and topped our morning off with an iced coffee in the International CafĂ©. 

Oh by the way, they are building another permanent pier to accommodate more cruise ships.  Cozumel is looking forward to a bright tourist future.
We leave later this afternoon to begin sailing north back to Houston where we arrive Sunday morning. But who wants to talk about the end of a cruise!

So for tonight we join Michel and Chantal to shake hands with the Captain at his reception for “frequent cruisers”! It’s Lobster/Prawn night on the menu so we’ve been eating light in preparation. It’s been a great cruise and we’re glad you came along by reading the blog.  If you want to leave a comment, email me a

We'll see you on the next cruise in April!


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