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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Costa Maya, Mexico

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Port of Call:  Costa Maya, Mexico
We arrived to the Port of Costa Maya this morning around 6:00 am. Here in the 5th Century, the Mayans built a huge temple at a place called Kohunlich which was a multi-level city with amazing architecture and 10-foot high sculptures.  There were tours to see these ruins but we passed and slept in. Chantal and Michel did go on one so we’ll get the scoop and a ton of pictures from Chantal’s camera! 

As we were enjoying our first cup of coffee I wanted to turn on the TV but could not find the remote.  MA confessed she had it last watching a Grace Kelley movie.  But we could not find in anywhere.  Finally we removed the covers, sheets, and mattress and moved the bed away from the wall. There it was on the floor, wedged behind some plastic sheeting.  I never said a word but I don’t think she will casually drop the remote on the side of the bed again.
We walked off ship and into the port shopping area with shops that have a little of everything.    We found some ceramic figurines - butterflies and frogs for our fountain on the patio.  I bought a $5 cap because I forgot mine on the ship.  MA found a silver necklace for her crystal pendant and some stuff at the pharmacy that she likes for her face. 

There is a large fresh water pool in the port for people who want a swim.

We watched a show starring some dolphins. At that point, the weather was hot so we grabbed a cold drink and some chips before walking back to the ship.  We enjoyed a casual afternoon aboard the Emerald Princess. Tomorrow’s Port of Call is Belize.
Emerald Princess is on the right.


  1. Glad to see smiling faces in remarkable places! Enjoy!

  2. Glad to see smiling faces in remarkable places! Enjoy!


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