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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 5: Cozumel and a photo op with a Shark

MA gets swallowed by a Great White!

We got going a little later than usual today, heading for breakfast around 9:30: (no lines)!  We then collected our stuff and walked off the ship about an hour later. We weren’t the only game in town; Carnival Triumph was anchored nearby as was NCL.  We walked into the pier shopping area and through the gauntlet of tour salesmen, taxi drivers, scooter rentals, and souvenir hawkers.  I just smile and say “no thank you.”  We were going to walk to a part of Cozumel we went to last year but realized we had taken a taxi there and since neither one of us were anxious to walk a couple of miles to basically window shop, we turned around and decided to check out a new mall area across from the pier.  We quickly found a coffee shop with Wi-Fi where we spent about an hour with MA on her IPhone playing WORD and Candy Crush and sending texts.  Go figure! 
I wandered around and found a great photo op which was a great white shark.  See photo.  We turned and made our way back to the pier and stopped and had some chips, salsa and soft drinks at Senior Frogs at the end of the pier.  We boarded the Caribbean Princess and went down to the 5th floor and had a light lunch.  After relaxing for a while we went to our first afternoon tea. It was special.  Tea, scones, tea sandwiches, sweets, just like Buckingham Palace I’m guessing.  Well maybe that’s a bit of a stretch!  We met a lady there from San Diego who was on her 85th cruise!  She didn’t care about going to shore, just as long as she was on the ship. From there it was Trivial Pursuit (13 out of 20 right). It all doesn’t sound so thrilling reading this back, but it was a beautiful day in Cozumel with the famous aqua blue water all around.  What’s not to love!
We both get swallowed by a Great White!

Tonight is another formal night so we are getting ready to meet the Captain, have some hors d’oeuvres and then its lobster night. Funny how the food gets better and better as the cruise progresses.  Guess that’s so our last memories are of “great dinners”!!  Later:  Had some great dinner companions, a former college basketball coach and his wife whose son played for Vanderbilt about 6 years before MA’s Jimmy made the team; then there was a gentlemen who had to be Rudy Guiliani’s twin and his wife of 51 years (They are California Republicans!) and a couple who we recognized as they did us – from last year’s Caribbean cruise.  Dinner was fun. Tomorrow’s a “sea day” again, hoping that on Saturday AM we do not run into fog delays going in to the pier. See ya later.  


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ...JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE ....ANOTHER YEAR ...Don't forget the key in the door
    there is suprises behind it or Inside waiting (no dog but Tanner is thinking of you by mind )He is waiting to say HAPPY NEW YEAR WAYNE !!!

  2. Happy Birthday, and have a great cruse.


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