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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Belize: Wednesday, Day 4 of Our Cruise

Belize: Wednesday, Day 4 of Our Cruise

Today began with NO Coffee being delivered to our room.  This was not Princess’ fault! I had forgotten to check coffee on the room service request. So I just put on some “go-get-coffee” clothes, made my way to the 15th floor, got two cups and some fruit and did our own “room service”.  This would hold us until we got to breakfast. We decided to go into Belize on the tender boats.  Belize does not have a dock for cruise ships and requires passengers to use the “approved” contracted local catamarans which hold at least 60-75 folks.  We took our time before leaving, went to breakfast and then took the elevator to the 5th floor for our “tender tickets”. We did not have to wait long for the next boat and we were off.
The weather this morning was cloudy and mild.  It started to rain a little later in the day.  We arrived to the port amid the loud music of cafes, a vendor offer free rum punch samples (at 10am???) and tour operators’ shouting about their (very expensive) local tours.  We walked around a while and found a store that sells “bamboo” sheets.  That’s right, bamboo.  Bamboo produces some of the softest material I’ve ever seen. With that contribution to the local economy, we made our way back to the tender and found two seats that would keep us dry on the way back to the ship.  I met a couple of birders from Houston on the return ride. They were relatively new to Houston and asked about where to go birding. I gave them some of my favorite places including Kleb Woods and the Katy Prairie. I invited them to come with me on one of Kleb Woods famous Wednesday “bird walks.”

We're talking birds.
Back aboard the Caribbean Princess we went down to the 5th floor Coffee Shop and had our usual cappuccinos after lunch.  Later at the cabin, I found time to read myself to sleep for a nice nap, one of my favorite afternoon events.  We went to trivial pursuit at 4:30pm teaming up with four other folks we hadn’t met before.  Of the 21 questions at least we got more of them right than wrong, specifically 12.  The one I missed and shouldn’t have, being an outdoorsman and all, was “What is the name of the habitat of beavers?”  Answer: Lodge! I said “pod”. Seemed logical! MA got “mal de mer” right (seasickness).  She’d better after all those French lessons! Dinner tonight is at 7:00pm and then we’re going to check out the comedy show. See ya via cyberspace tomorrow. WW
I passed on the Wet Lizard!

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