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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our Place in Vence: Le Fontaine Vielle / Tuesday 9-18

Greolieres on the side of a mtn.
MA's sister recommended the apartment we are in here in Vence. We decided on dates after September 15 when most of France has come and gone on their August vacations, therefore rates are friendlier.  The building is called Le Fontaine Vielle (The Old Fountain).  It is very, very old, but very very renovated with everything you could possibly want for a 3 week stay. We are on a narrow dead end street with a small parking lot enough for 6 vehicles.  I quickly learned to back in to our parking space in order to be able to exit back and onto the street, face forward. There's a lot of logic to having a "Smart Car" which we do not!

I used the small Canon to take a video from our patio that overlooks a deep gorge.

The apartment overlooks a deep gorge.  The grounds are very "garden like" with grape vines covering the walkway paths and patios.  The white grapes are actually good.  We even have a sand court for playing the traditional Provence game called boules.

There's a kitchen/living room, bedroom with king bed and bathroom and a very large front patio with a table for dining and chaise lounges for my naps!  MA and I went to the local grocery store yesterday and got all the essentials like really fresh vegetables for salads and some great French cheeses.  We enjoy our homemade dinners on the patio watching the sun call it a day. We have internet service and a TV with a lot of channels, only one I can understand, BBC.  Well, almost understand.

We drove up to Coursegoules this morning and picked up Nola and Randy.  The four of us made a day of it at a small village west of there named Greolieres.  After a walk around the village we had coffee and drove down the mountains through a deep gorge to Tourrettes-sur-Loup where Nola lived for many years back in the day!  We walked around there, I took some new photos for next year's exhibit at L'Alliance Francaise, then we found a cafe and had lunch.

Later this afternoon MA and I walked into town and found a store where she bought a 220 volt hair curler (one less thing to pack - take that Air Berlin!). Also I found two adapters for our 110 volt converters.  We finished the day off on the patio with a supper of soup and salad.  Tomorrow is another day and I have some plans for a village that we could not find last year. Nola is joining us and spending the night tomorrow, so the three Musketeers are "on the road again"!

Later, WW.............the rest are just photos from today, enjoy.

Church in Greolieres:  Typical Provence  cast iron bell tower

Decorative Window in Greolieres

Front of the Church in Greolieres

Sidewalk Cafe in Tourrettes sur Loup.....ready for lunch

Tourrettes home decorated with flowers

Lavender door in Tourrettes

There was an art class painting this street in Tourrettes.

Church in Tourrettes, Interior

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  1. Wayne and MA,

    Thanks for the blog update. From what you have described - life just couldn't get much better. Great advantages having family living in such a picturesque place. Love the pics in the blog and looking forward to the next round.



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