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Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday in Vence, City of Art and our home for another week

The vegetable lady
Back gate where I got MA into Vence old town

We decided to get out of the apartment today via the wheelchair I rented for Mary Alice.  We've had it a couple of days now and M.A. is used to it.  The weather was beautiful this morning; bright blue sky and temp in the low 70's.  MA wanted to get in the car, park in a pay parking lot and let me push her into the old village.  I convinced her I could handle the wheelchair on the incline and we could go into the old walled village through the back gate, about 40 yards from our apt.  After breakfast we began the task of getting up a stepped incline and 10 steps to the parking lot.  One of the residents, Stephen from Munich, Germany, helped us with the wheelchair and getting her to the parking lot.  At the parking lot all I had to do was push her into the old town.  The back gate is about 40 yards from the parking lot.
Coffee at Henry's

Once we got into the village and up to "Henry's" Nola was waiting for us.  We had coffee at their favorite table and watched the people go by.  It was "market day" in Vence and I excused myself and walked around the corner into the Friday market.  Local residents bring their vegetables and fruit, and other stuff into town, set up a table and sell their produce.  One of the ladies who I call "the vegetable lady" had the nicest lettuce and tomatoes.  I asked her if I could take her picture and she said yes, however she would not look at me.  I also got eggs and picked up a loaf of bread at the boulangerie.

Lunch at La Victorie

After Randy joined us at Henry's we decided to have lunch across the street at La Victorie.  The wait staff made room for MA's wheelchair and she and I split a Margarette pizza (cheese pizza).  It was good to get out of the apartment and good for MA's recovery.  She is doing fine and making progress every day.

The Vegetable Lady

French sausages

French cheese

Vence:  Old walled city


  1. You guys have to be the champs at overcoming adversity. Loving living your experiences vicariously through your lens and language. Continue to have a good time for all of us.

  2. Vence is a wonderful French town, the perfect combination of "La Vielle Ville" behind the rampart walls, and the extended town that has grown up around it since WWII for the most part. There's always something going on in the town square, every day. You never feel lonely in Vence, so much to see and do and just hang. Watching the daily parade of people go by while you sit at a cafe enjoying a glass of wine or beer or a great coffee. It's like watching a film right there in front of you. Wayne captures that feeling so well. I'm a fan....Thanks again, WW! Nola, Wayne's goofy-looking sister-in-law sitting with MA, younger-than-springtime, in her ultra-glam French wheelchair, above. :) XO


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