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Monday, January 9, 2012

Princess Cays, Bahamas

First Stop:  Princess Cays, Bahamas

The Ruby Princess anchored off shore at Princess Cays this morning just as we returned from breakfast.  We met up with Michele and Chantal at the pool and hot tub area on the 15th floor. We practically had the place to ourselves as most folks left early to go ashore.  We however had decided to go later after the rush was over.  There is no dock on the island so about midday we were taken ashore via a tender boat. 
Princess Cays is owned by Princess and is used strictly for the enjoyment of its passengers.  The island has snorkeling, paddle boats, tour boats, beach umbrellas and cabanas for rent, plus a four-station buffet.  We walked around, enjoyed the sights, took some photos and got in a long line to return to the ship, but it moved fairly quickly.
MA found the laundry room empty so we grabbed our stuff and washed and dried everything.  This way I don’t have to shower and do my laundry at the same time!
I’ve included some pictures to make up for the lack of the written word.  Sometimes a good photograph can say hundreds of words.  Tomorrow is a full day at sea with lots of things planned by the ship’s staff, and of course, we plan not to miss any of the meals!


  1. We were flooded today.... I wish I was somewhere else far from Houston at the moment. Beautiful pictures as always. I have worked on the manuscript. If you bring any changes, send them back to me in another color. Maetyn is working on the sound files and I should start recording pretty soon.
    Keep on sending some paradise to us. We need it!

  2. Wayne,

    Thanks for the update. Beautiful place and as usual - you and MA appear to be having a great time. Also sounds like you are not getting hungry.

    Keep the updates coming.



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