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Monday, January 9, 2012

All Aboard the Ruby Princess

Ft Lauderdale Port

We left New Orleans on Friday morning and drove all day to Jacksonville, FL where we stayed in a Country Inns & Suites.  It was a very long day for our friends but they were good sports! Saturday we continued on to Ft. Lauderdale making a quick detour through West Palm Beach.  We spent Saturday night in a La Quinta and drove to the cruise ship on Sunday. 

Our check in and boarding process went smoothly and we soon got settled into our cabin on the 12th deck, Room A522, nice with a terrific view of the ocean from the patio. Michele and Chantal are on the 8th deck in Room E622 but they are hoping to upgrade theirs to a balcony stateroom today. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for them.
We all had lunch and then MA took Michel and Chantal on a grand tour of the ship helping other “lost passengers” to find their way around in the process.  She’s about ready for a new career as a cruise tour conductor.  But we thought it over and she likes being a CPA and Bible Study teacher.  Meanwhile I organized some things in the cabin and oh so “coincidentally” found the Denver/Pittsburgh game on TV.  Being a committed Christian I thought it was important to watch Tebow do his thing!

After the obligatory life vest drill, we sat on the balcony enjoying the view and the Sunday boaters whizzing by.  Ruby Princess sailed away right on time at 4pm, always a highlight of the first day.  Later we went to the welcome stage show and on to dinner.  Our other table companions included a pleasant family - the grandmother, mom, 23 year old son and teen age daughter. 
Nevertheless we decided to change dining rooms and the four of us will no doubt meet new folks each evening.  Sometimes on the same table dining choice we meet other couples that are compatible and fun to eat dinner with each evening.  Other times we decide to move on to a different dining room and meet new folks each evening.  That was the decision this time. So we are now “anytime diners”. Another advantage is that assigned table dining is not flexible, show up at 8:15pm and usually finish around 10:00. Now we’ll choose our own time and finish earlier.
As I write this it now Monday morning and we are anchored off Princess Cay, a private island off the Bahamas.  We plan to go ashore and check out the beach. It is absolutely gorgeous outside, blue sky, puffy white clouds, about 78 degrees!


  1. Looks like you guys are having fun. Are we going to see one of you and MA leaning forward on the bow of the ship?

  2. Wayne,

    Cruises sound like a great and fun experience. I would have to say you and MA are cruise experts.

    Looking forward to some pictures of the beautiful Caribbean waters.



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