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Monday, August 1, 2011

Four Perched Villages: St.Jeannet, Carros, Gattieres, and LeBroc

We have figured out that eating in restaurants is not in the budget.  Yesterday our lunch bill was forty-six euros, about fifty-five to sixty dollars, and believe me it wasn't fancy.  So off we went to the one and only large supermarket this morning, only to discover ground beef is about $9.00 a pound.  Oh well.  That's what frozen pizzas are for, isn't it?

We had lunch with Nola and Randy at a friend's restaurant, he comped our beverages and we had the daily special.  Randy went on to do their shopping and Nola stayed with us.  We hit the road in the afternoon taking in four perched villages close to Vence.  They are St. Jeannet, Carros, Gattieres and LeBroc.  All four sit on top of a small mountain and are as old as dirt. I think, in fact, the oldest had a date inscribed on the wall: 1666.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are a few thousand words for you in pictures! Bottom line,   We went, we saw, I photographed.  That about sums up the rest of the day.  Nola is staying overnight with us so we can get an early start tomorrow as we head west from Vence to  other villages.  Yes, it's been all about villages, but each one is unique, special and beautiful.  Voila the photos.

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