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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Arrived Houston 5PM, Home at 6PM

We were up and moving at 5:30 am (Copenhagen time), grabbing some coffee and light breakfast in the cabin.  Our bags were pack the night before and placed outside the cabin.  Princess takes them down and sorts them according to your departure and bus.  We departed the ship at 7am and we were at the Copenhagen airport by 8am.  Our bags were waiting for us.  We rolled them into the terminal, checked in with Continental, cleared security and went to the gate to board the aircraft.  Our flight left at 9:30.  MA had paid extra for the bulkhead seats for the legroom.  It's like sitting in 1st Class without the service.

This was a memorable flight.  After we got on board and sat down a Danish couple with a baby sat across the aisle from us.  They brought a car seat for the kid to sit in during the flight.  The mother moved to the seat next to me.  Halfway through the flight the flight attendant brought this bassinet and began mounting it on the bulkhead wall in front of us.  The bassinet trapped MA in her seat.  The mother then offered to exchange seats with MA.  They brought the baby over to our side and put him in the bassinet for him to sleep during the flight.  The kid would have nothing to do with that and began crying and yelling.  We were really upset at this point.  I grabbed my Bose quiet headphones and put them on but this guy could be heard through them.  The mother finally gave up and handed the kid back to the dad who put him in his car seat.  The baby went immediately to sleep.  From that point on the flight was uneventful.  

We arrived in Newark, NJ Airport with a two hour layover and went on the Houston.  We arrived around 5pm and got home at 6pm. We both brought head colds from Russia with us.

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  1. Welcome home - Praise the Lord for another great trip!!!!!

    HAVE A GOD BLESSED - dave b.


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