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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Packing for a Month

M.A. and I will be gone for nearly a month beginning July 24th; two weeks in France and almost 2 weeks on the Emerald Princess from Copenhagen and returning to Copenhagen.  Here are some ideas to lessen the stress of traveling.
1.  Carry minimum amount of luggage:  For me I got everything in one checked bag.  I'm carrying my camera equipment in one shoulder bag and my laptop, cords, converters and plugs, reference material (maps), GPS, etc. in a backpack.
2.  Roll your clothes into tight bundles or use vacuum shrink bags.  Buy and wear easy light weight clothing like Ex Officio.
3.  Look at the clothes you're taking and get rid of anything you can do without.  Don't take anything that you will not wear.  Put an identifiable tag on your bag.  I have a bright florescent green cord on mine.  Keep your tag covered so some thief can read your name and address and phone number.
4.  Use space in your bag wisely like packing your shoes with stuff; ie. socks.
5.  Don't advertise your gear to thieves.  Do you carry Nikon or Canon cameras and lenses?  Do they pay you to advertise for them?  No.  So get rid of the loge strap.  Cover the name on lens caps, camera, etc. with tape.
6.  We are going on a cruise in the Baltic.  It might get cool in the evening.  I'm bringing a light jacket and wearing it on the plane.  Wear your heaviest clothing.

Those are the tips of the day.  Excuse me I've got to find a charging cord for my MP3.  See ya.

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  1. Experience is the best teacher and you and MA have a lot.



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