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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vigo, Spain

Monday, May 31, 2010 Vigo, Spain

The Grand Princess docked at Vigo, Spain, our first port of call this cruise. In her Pan Am days MA always dreamed of spending one of her 30-day annual vacations all in Spain, but somehow never got to do that. So this one-day visit is the first of that 30-day dream and maybe someday we’ll come back and spend some serious time here. Certainly her Spanish makes us lots of new friends.

Vigo is a large Spanish city on the Atlantic coast. It dates back hundreds of years and is said to be the place where James the Apostle was martyred. It is now a shrine and pilgrims flocked to the site. A Catholic cathedral was built in his honor between the 11th and 13th centuries.

MA and I had booked a winery tour for this morning’s activity. I like to get out of urban areas and into the country and this was our only option. We boarded a motor coach at 9:30 and made our way out of town going north along the coast and turning east into the beautiful mountainous areas. We arrived at the Agro de Bazan Winery, a 33 acre estate which produces white and red wines. This part of the tour was short but I managed to walk around, find some birds and take some photos. We then traveled back toward Vigo stopping for a snack in a small village on the coast and walking and taking photos in the old part of the town. Did I mention the weather? It was gorgeous, sunny, about 75 degrees.

We boarded the ship and had a late lunch and I took a nap. Later I did a mile and a half around the ship for exercise. MA’s into her third Sue Grafton mystery novel and busy refreshing her Portuguese for our next Port of Call Tuesday – Lisbon. In her Pan Am days she used to fly there and loved the city. So it’s a journey into the past for her too. Maybe we’ll combine those remaining 29 days of her dream and share them together in Spain and Portugal someday.

More later from Lisbon!


  1. Wayne,

    Thanks again for the update. My Grandson loves Spain - says he would like to live in the northern part. Great photos - were these with your new 16-35?? - did you use a CP filter??

    Keep the updates coming and hurry back to Houston - it's 95 and humid.

    HAVE A GOD BLESSED DAY - dave b.

  2. Hi WW and MA!
    Sharing time together in Portugal and Spain is a wonderful thought! I can see the 2 of you now: MA chatting up the locals, while WW snaps more great shots for all of us to enjoy. Thrilled you're having good weather; you never know this time of year. Randy and I leave for France this evening. I'll be in touch soon as my laptop is up and running. Love to both of you, Nola (and Randy)


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