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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Fruity Looking Owl

2nd Day at Sea: Fun aboard Emerald Princess
Today started out windy and cloudy again! Our activities were therefore confined to what was going on aboard ship but we found plenty to do starting with morning coffee room service! Princess has great room service (comes with the price of the trip!) as we learned last time and we have quickly gotten spoiled with coffee and juice brought to us to start out our days with.
Keeping our priorities uppermost in mind, we headed up to the buffet breakfast and afterward decided a nice walk around the deck would be a good idea. The minute we stepped out on the Promenade Deck I knew that this walk would be a short one. The winds were blowing, the waves were crashing and splashing and getting the deck soaking wet. So one trip around was all we could do. In fact, the deck crew finally closed the bow section of the ship because of high winds.
The photos at the top are of a fun program we watched at 10am, Demonstration Nation; fruit and vegetable carving, towel folding and flower arranging. Right after that a talented juggler performed juggling balls, pins and then even he juggled ping pong balls from his mouth while maneuvering around on a unicycle. What a way to make a living!
Lunch was something different today: English Pub lunch, fish, chips and bread pudding! (Priorities!)
We went to a Veterans get-together at 4PM where I met other veterans of military service. One of them was a WWII and Korean War bomber crew chief named “Whitey”. You would have loved to listen to some of the stories he told about his service in the Pacific during WW II. MA had gone on to afternoon “Trivial Pursuit” so I caught up with her there and guess what? We won! The grand prize was two decks of Princess playing cards. That’ll make grandson Jacob happy! He and MA play cards a lot!
Tonight was “Formal Night” and most everyone got all dressed up in tux and suits and the ladies all shiny in sequins and long dresses. The sequined wrap I got MA for Christmas was a big hit. She got more compliments on that shiny thing that I could ever have imagined. We decided to do the professional portrait photography stuff and while we were “posing” a nice group of folks walked up with sort of an “Ah Gee! Look at them!” friendly-type comment. Then one of them said to us: “Leave room for the Holy Spirit.” M.A. burst out laughing and they did too saying: “They must be Baptists too!” Thumbs up all around!
Tomorrow we dock at Saint Maarten, Dutch Antilles and have a full day ashore. By the way, we heard about the earthquake and tsunami watch nearby in Haiti. The captain came on over the loud speaker to assure us we would not be affected. Good thing! That life vest doesn’t do me justice!
Hope everyone is doing well!

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