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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2nd Day at Sea: Strong Wind Blowing

Our second day at sea started with strong and gusty northwest winds and white caps on the ocean. Our plan was to have a quick breakfast (remember those priorities!) and then go ashore to Princess Cays, a private island resort run by the Princess. However, the captain came on the loud speaker and announced that we would not be anchoring there after all due to the rough seas. The ship has small ferry boats called tenders for taking passengers to shore and he determined it was too dangerous to try and use the tenders in high seas.
So while the ship redirected course toward St. Maartens we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with a tablemate from Montreal, Canada and MA got to speak some of her newest language endeavor (French) with him.
We both got our exercise doing laps around the ship. MA’s a “water person” and I’m a birder/observer/reader/TV viewer so we went our separate ways until lunch. There we met some new tablemates, two elderly ladies from Texas, one of whom had strong tastes in perfume and the other dramatic circular eyebrow makeup. But of course they were “Texas charmers”.
It was a quiet day at sea overall which makes for some great relaxation and reflection.


  1. Wayne, glad you guys are having a good time in spite of the high winds and rough seas. The elements here have brought good fortune. The SJ Monument abounds in Green-wing Teal and Ruddy Ducks. We will try to encourage them to wait for your return.

    Hope the rest of the trip brings favor and fotos.


  2. Wayne,

    Good thing you and MA have your sea legs since you go on so many cruises.

    Have a great trip and post some pictures when you have a chance.

    HAVE A GOD BLESSED DAY - dave b.


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