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Sunday, October 11, 2009

A stroll through Brooklyn

MA and I got up this morning camped out at the Holiday Inn Express in Brooklyn. There was no morning newspaper which I get for MA every morning so she can do the crossword puzzle and Sudoku. She went into withdrawal symptoms until she remembered that she could do the crossword on line. Thank God for the internet because I never heard, “You couldn’t find a paper anywhere?”
Our cruise left the Brooklyn Port Cruise Terminal and boarding time was 1:00pm. So after breakfast we decided to do a walk around Brooklyn, unarmed mind you. Well we had about three hours to kill so it was walk or stare at each other for three hours. Our plans were to get on the subway again and go back to Times Square but the City of NY closed most of the subways for “maintenance”. We just learned that they probably closed them down because of the latest “terrorist” arrests in NY. There are some unaccounted for friends of the main suspect. Well, we thought we would just face the muggers of Brooklyn instead. Our walk, which was for about an hour and about a mile and a half was very interesting. I just took my little Canon and got some great shots of life in Brooklyn. One hot dog vendor thought I was going to grab a Coney and run, gave me a really weird look and pushed his cart faster and faster. This neighborhood has no stores to speak of, only bodegas, corner grocery-delis combo. Brooklyn is the home of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and they have a large presence in the area. We saw that most people love their Obama and see him as the reincarnate Martin Luther King. Do I have to tell you what I see him as? The hotel called a private cab for us and it arrived at 12:45PM. Our driver this time was Carlos, from Ecuador. He has been in the States for 16 years. He got us to the dock for a flat fee of $15 and we tipped him very well.
There were luggage people waiting for us and they took our luggage. We cleared security and then had to wait for 2 hours to board the ship, Caribbean Princess, because of a high tide there was only one gang plank. Well when they stopped their required picture taking and made it optional the loading time really speeded up. We got aboard and into our room on the 12 floor, room 522 and our luggage was waiting for us. Very efficient operation, Princess.
I got my Nikon and loaded an 18-200mm lens and tripod and went starboard and started shooting pictures. I got some really nice shots of two tug boats pulling the ship away from the dock and then escorting us to the open channel. We sailed past the Statue of Liberty again and I got some really great photos of the proud lady with her arm raised. The weather was beautiful with high light clouds with some sunshine. We crossed under the Verrazano Bridge and into the Atlantic.
We had arranged our supper at “Second Seating” which is at 8:15pm and we met our table-mates. They seem like really nice folks and we are looking to seeing them every night. Well, it’s late and tomorrow we dock at Newport, Rhode Island. See ya.

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  1. Sounds wonderful - I love the city. Pictures sound fascinating and I'm anxious to see them.


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