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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

Sunny Skies in Saint John, New Brunswick
Ever wonder where all the British Loyalists went after the American Revolution? Maybe not, but just in case, I found the answer. Certainly some went home to England and kissed King George’s ring, but about 6,000 others got on ships and sailed north to Saint John, New Brunswick, the same place we sailed into this morning under bright blue skies and very chilly temperatures.
Breakfast first (don’t want to break the pattern here!) and then a walk to the City Market and I’m glad we decided to do this. When we got there we took the escalator up three levels to arrive at the “old market”. We were immediately met by a plethora of aromas; fruit, sausage, flowers, and fish. You might think this sounds like something to be avoided but actually it was really pleasant.
As you enter the market you’re met by a large fruit stand featuring apples and oranges. A lady in 1800’s dress poised for a photo for me. We walked by a fish stand with a huge octopus ready to be taken home to someone’s crock pot; photo coming. There were all kinds of arts and crafts from dolls to angels to T-shirts and jellies and jams. I finally took as many photos as I wanted to and we braved the brisk and chilly wind walking back to the ship to get ready for the Photographers’ Tour at 12:00 noon.
We were met by our tour guide, David and along with 22 other camera buffs we all boarded the tourist van trying not to be obvious while we all check out what kind of cameras the other guys had. The first stop on the tour was the “Reversing Falls” in Fundy Bay. When the high tide meets the Saint John River the force of nature causes the water to reverse direction and flow back the opposite way, thus “Reversing Falls”.
From there we made our way to a gorgeous waterfall, then a local fishing village with lots of lobster boats. The next stop was a nature park and some very curious red foxes came out of hiding to check us out. Weather-wise, the day was very nice compared to yesterday’s storms. We are just thankful for all the blessings God has bestowed on us. On to Halifax, Nova Scotia, weather should be full sun, high of 45, just perfect for these two temporarily transplanted Texans!

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