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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Days at Sea: Somewhere in the mid-Atlantic

Days at Sea:  Somewhere in the mid-Atlantic

Friday:  We have been on an easterly course from Fort Lauderdale for the past five days and we are somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  On these voyages I am always struck by the color of the ocean, a deep dark blue, the bluest blue that you can imagine.  It only changes when the ship slices through and creates an aqua surface.  There are no birds, no fish and no whales.  I've been looking.  We have passed a couple of ships during the day.  Other than that, it seems like we are the only ship in the ocean.

Our day begins early, seven am when the steward arrives with coffee and yogurt.  We learned about room service many cruises back and take advantage of the perk.  We normally watch the news in the morning. 

We enjoy going to the DaVinci dining room on the 6th floor for breakfast and sharing a table with 6 other passengers.  It's fun to meet them and find out about their lives and where they live.  We've met folks from Australia, Canada, England, Scotland and of course Texas and other parts of the USA. By the time breakfast is over we've made six new friends that we see from time to time on the ship. 
Mary Alice and I started playing "Trivial Pursuit" from Houston.  We are in what's called "Progressive Trivia". This means we are part of a six person team and as a team we compete with other teams on all sea days. .The scores are cumulated daily and the  winner will be the team with the highest score at the end of the cruise. 
Mary Alice ordered a wheelchair for the cruise and it was waiting for us in the room.  Although she walks whenever possible, she has no stamina for long distances. I'm her "driver" and the other passengers are fantastic about holding elevator doors, helping us out, making way, etc. So far its worked out great.
For lunch it's back at to the DaVinci dining room.  We enjoy the sit-down meal (as opposed to the crowded buffets). During the afternoon we usually watch a movie, read, or have a nice long nap. I'm on my second book already.  This may not sound all that exciting, but to us, it's life on a cruise ship! We love it!

Our first port of call is Funchal, Portugal, next Thursday.  More on that later. 

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  1. Nice to heard from you and you are safe . Nice couple photo .


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