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Monday, August 25, 2014

Starting to Pack for Our Next Trans-Atlantic Cruise

Mary Alice and I have loved having her daughter Susan and grandson Jacob visiting us since Thursday.  Jacob was able to see his old St. Mark School buddies and spend time with them before they all start high school. They return to Franklin, TN on Tuesday but we will see more of them and our other family members; Jim, Sue, Jillian, Jason, Rowan and Joey this fall

Jacob is the guy in the chartreuse shirt and the tallest.
In the mean time we are getting ready for the next Trans-Atlantic cruise with Princess beginning with a flight from Houston to Heathrow on September 7th. Princess meets us in the terminal, and we board a bus to the ship in South Hampton about 2 hours away. We set sail that evening for Bergen, Norway.
Bergen, Norway
From Bergen, Norway we sail almost due west to Scotland's Shetland Islands.  We then sail north to Iceland for three ports of call.  Iceland is the main reason we are taking this cruise. I've always wanted to come back since I stopped there years ago returning from West Germany where I was stationed in the USAF.  It is a landscape photographer's dream location; volcanos, geysers, mountains, valleys, waterfalls, and Puffins. I've got my Nikon bag packed already. 
We've heard reports of an erupting volcano that may affect air and sea travel. You can read about it at the above link.  We are at the mercy of whatever happens but I have hope we will make it.  I told MA it would be neat to get there and then get some photo of an eruption. She wasn't all that crazy about the idea.  After four days in Iceland we set sail for New Foundland, Canada.

We love the Canadians, as they are so very nice to visitors, always helpful.  We've been here before and looking forward to a return visit and another excursion.  Our final stop is New York City and we depart the ship, head to the airport and fly home.  The entire cruise is two weeks so stay tuned for more beginning September 9th.  I need to start packing.  Later.......WW


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  1. Praying your adventure is safe and fun! Looking forward to interesting pics


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