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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bilbao, Spain and the Guggenheim Museum

MA in the Spider
Bilbao, Spain and the Guggenheim Museum
What a day Mary Alice and I had in Bilbao!  Our cruise ship, the Ruby Princess, docked around 7:30 this morning. We signed up for a tour which met at 9:45 so we had time to grab some breakfast at the buffet.  Then we grabbed our bags, camera and water and made our way to the Princess Theater. Our group was soon called and we were off the ship and onto a tour bus. The first stop of the day was the Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art.
This is art?

The Guggenheim is a three story structure made from titanium and limestone rectangles. It is actually difficult to find a straight line on the exterior. I thought it was beautifully designed. I just have a hard time with what they call art. For example, there an exhibition called “The Matter of Time”. The art has eight sculptures which are 15 foot steel plates arranged in circles or waves. I guess you’re supposed to get an idea of what time is by walking through them. 

On the same floor was a room with a giant net with a cluster of plastic balls.  This art work was by Ernesto Neto who no doubt got rich from his creation.  There was an exhibit by Yoko Ono.  I should point out the art hanging from the ceiling on the foyer entrance. They remind me of a bull’s anatomy. I thought the outside sculptures were a lot more interesting; mirrored balls, chrome tulips and a giant spider. I hope you enjoy the photos
Architectural beauty
After the walk through the museum we met our group, boarded our bus and we made a quick drive to the “old city”.  MA and I elected to walk around by ourselves.  We found a neat café, had some coffee and tapas (snack of cheese and bread). It was soon time to walk back and meet our group at the park. A short time later our bus arrived and we headed back to the ship.

One thing on this cruise is that we have made some great friends, new and from former cruises, mostly from the Veterans and Airline groups.  It makes you feel “at home” aboard this huge ship!

Old Plaza in old town
Outside exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum of Modern Art

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