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Monday, September 23, 2013

Paris to Washington, almost home

Paris, taken two years ago
We're sitting in the United Club in Washington Dulles International Airport so I thought I would write a final quick chapter of our 2013 trip to France. We were up at 6:00 AM Paris time this morning, that's midnight at home. We got checked out of the Novotel and walked over to the shuttle train that serves Charles de Gaulle Airport. Our first challenge of the day was getting on the shuttle train in the wrong direction. But we just stayed put knowing it would soon reverse and go the opposite direction and get us to Terminal 1. 

We got checked into our United flight to Washington DC where we connect to another flight to Houston.  Air France is the only airline that flies to Paris nonstop from Houston these days. The United agent in Paris even gave us the the purple "Access No. 1" cards that enabled us to bypass all the lines! This I could go for!

From there we went to the  Alliance Club which was very crowded. We had a light breakfast and waited there for our flight. There would also be a second security screening before getting to the boarding area. 

Our flight was full but we had some good seats and got settled in for the 8+ hour "ride" to Washington.  The lunch meal was salmon appetizer,  roast lamb, cheeses, fruits and chocolate sundaes.
As usual for me, I watched several movies including Zero Dark Thirty, Dr. Strangelove and Driver.  MA played her "Candy Crush" game (she's stuck on level 147) and took a nap.

Things went along smoothly but just before beginning the descent the pilot announced a delay because the Dulles Air Traffic Control tower had a fire going on. I'm guessing it wasn't major because after about 30 minutes of circling around in the air, we descended and all was well.  We walked what seemed like a half mile to Passport Control, then baggage claim, then through customs.  We love France but we're glad to be home.  The TV's here even speak English! Whew! So until next time, thanks for reading the blog.  We really love doing these!

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