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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 2 & 3 and half of 4

Day 2 & 3 and half of 4
Carnaval cruise ship searching

We left you on Tuesday and while we were at dinner the captain announced that he was turning the ship around to help a Carnival cruise ship (yes, Carnival!) that possibly had someone in the water.  I quickly grabbed a photo. It wouldn’t be the first time someone committed suicide by jumping overboard or was intentionally pushed. Anyway our ship, the Ruby Princess, would be part of the search and rescue effort.  About thirty minutes later the captain announced that what the other ship saw was the remains of an old boat that was floating around empty. False alarm so we could resume our voyage.

We have been playing Progressive Trivia (8 games in 8 days with your same team).  We teamed up with a couple from Dallas and Al from Ohio. We call ourselves the Texans plus 1 since Al is from Ohio.  The game is played with each team answering 15 questions in writing within 15 minutes. The answer sheets are then turned in and scored and Princess keeps a running score over the 8 days.  So far we’re doing pretty well! May even win a Princess key chain when it’s all over, or better yet, a plastic pen!!

On Wednesday Day 3, MA and I got up, had breakfast and went on to our respective exercise programs. She is doing 5 miles every day on a stationary bicycle and I am walking 3 miles around the deck, that’s 10 laps around.  Later we met up with the Texans Plus 1 and answered all the questions missing only one. The question we missed was “What major league baseball team has a moose for their mascot?”  Answer next blog!!

This was one of the formal nights so both of us got dressed up. On the way to dinner we stopped off at the comedy show. It seems our complaining about the raunchy comedians of the past paid off because this guy (Troy Thirdgill) is hilarious and he doesn’t even need to do off-color stuff to be so funny. Definitely rated PG!

Thursday was a repeat of Wednesday with more leisure time to read. MA’s going nuts with this IPAD game called Candy Crush Saga.  She’s gone through 65 levels but is stuck, yet determined. As a result she’s falling behind on those mystery books she likes to read on trips.  We met our trivia team again and this time Walt, from our dinner table joined the team.  So we are now the Texans plus 2. The question we weren’t sure about was this:  What ditty from the Wizard of Oz did the Aussie soldiers sing as they marched along in WW II?  Answer tomorrow!

Later! Time to eat again!  WW
Some of the ship's entertainment, a string quartet


  1. Grande frayeur or fright sur le Rubis about someone supposing in the water !!!!!!
    funny story but have a good trip for the next 3 days .
    tell me when you are in Copenhague

  2. Wayne and MA,

    Don't get too close to the edge!!!! You do occasionally hear about those cruise ship missing persons. Thanks to your background - should it ever happen on one of your cruises - you can head-up an investigation :-))

    Sounds like you and MA are staying well entertained and having a great experience. Keep the updates coming !!!!

    Have a safe and God Blessed day - dave b.


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