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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Netherlands: Rotterdam to Kukenhof Tulip Gardens

The Netherlands:  Rotterdam to Kukenhof Tulip Gardens

The Emerald Princess docked early this morning in Rotterdam, the Netherlands or Holland if you prefer.  Rotterdam is Europe’s largest port and the 3rd largest in the world. 
I woke up with a sore throat, not feeling so hot and it began to rain outside.  I really didn’t want to go anywhere.  But I took some antibiotics for the sore throat and decided to just tough it out.  Breakfast arrived at 6:30, early because our tour to the Kukenhof Tulip Gardens was meeting at 8:15.  So after coffee and a roll and yogurt we were off.  We’ve learned the secret of being on the first bus (less crowded at destination and first back giving you time to do other stuff). Anyhow the secret is that even though the ticket says meet at 8:15, go about 30 minutes early, because the main thing Princess focuses on is getting the busses loaded and out on their way, not your scheduled meeting time!

So along with forty others we climbed into bus #1 and headed out to the tulip farm.  We got on the expressway and it reminded me of our freeways in Houston as in dead stop, move a few feet and stop again.  There was a wreck ahead of us several miles and it would take nearly an hour to really get going.  Didn’t bother MA! All she has to do is sit down in a bus and she’s out like a light! On the way the tour guide did point out a few things like how so much of Holland is below sea level so water drains into canals and is then pumped into the river using    the old windmills.

We arrived in Kukenhof, were given our tickets and MA and I were off.  I tried to photograph the place using composition so you would have some idea how beautiful it is.  I am sorry my photos just don’t do it justice.  So you’ll just have to see this place for yourself. We walked around for about two hours, stopped for coffee and then we headed back to the exit.  Our group was to be on the bus by 12:15.  It actually turned out to be a great day even though it did rain down on us briefly. But by the time we got the umbrella out, rain coat on and camera covered up, it stopped.  So all I can say is thank you Lord for a wonderful, colorful day with my lovely wife, Mary Alice.


  1. Wayne,you never cease to amaze with your phtographic skills, and your zest for travel. Looking forward to more good photos on your tour this year.

  2. Wayne,

    Sorry about your sore throat. The photos are outstanding. What beautiful tulips and well kept places. Keep the updates and pics coming.

    Have a God Blessed day - dave b.

  3. Très jolies tulipes et sabots de Mary! kisses

  4. Hi Wayne,
    Goodness! The photos are exquisite. Actually being there most have been 100-fold more impressive! So pretty I think I might have actually swooned if I'd been there with you. :)
    Love, Nola XO

  5. Beautiful Flowers! And Mom looks really cute too! Great pics! :) Susie


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