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Friday, April 27, 2012

Transatlantic Cruise Day 1:  Port Everglades
MA just finished a grueling tax season, not to mention eye surgery, dental surgery and a broken wrist! So I decided she needed to go on another cruise.  I of course go with the deal!  We left Houston Wednesday on United Airlines which MA still calls Continental Airlines.  The flight was uneventful except for a hard landing.   We spent the night at the Hampton Inn.  MA had researched the hotel for good reviews, free breakfast, and free shuttle service from the airport and on to the cruise terminal the next day.  All was exactly as advertised.
Princess check-in with the 3200 other passengers went OK, long lines, you felt like you were in Disneyland!  You also have to go through security just like the airport except not so strict.  To our surprise we got an up-graded room with a balcony on the top deck for cabins. Somehow MA makes these kinds of things happen!  We had paid for much less expensive obstructed view cabin so we are pleased!
As we sailed out of Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale), 5pm Thursday, we passed several Navy warships: cruisers, destroyers and an amphibious assault ship.  I’ll include some photos to make this first blog interesting. 

Our first destination, after six days sat sea, is the Azores, those islands off the Portuguese coast so MA is refreshing her Portuguese for the occasion.  We then turn north and visit Ireland, England, France, back to England, the Netherlands, Norway, and finish in Copenhagen, Denmark, flying home via New York on May 12th.  I’m particularly excited to be visiting Normandy, France, Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery. So much history there!
Our evening dinner tablemates included 3 other couples, nice folks although the one elderly gentleman choked during dinner and I almost had to do the Heimlich for him, luckily he’s OK. 
We are just going to relax and take it easy during the days at sea, although I did walk 3 miles this morning; MA exercised her recovering wrist in the Hot Tub and later went to a line dancing class.
We went to a morning Bible Study along with at least thirty other folks.  The leader of the study presented the material more like an advanced college course in prophecy like you might get at the College of Biblical studies. He was all over the Bible and it was a challenge to keep up with his train of thought.  But as we all know, God’s infallible Word is just that, infallible, inspired and 100% true!  We’ll try him again tomorrow.
Time to rest up for dinner!  Later!  WW


  1. Very nice couple and photo . We just artived today from san francisco and i have my repaired car work good for the moment and i will think about youover the ocean in holiday round .Unfortunatly , i shall be in the south for received my new bed And fixed the notary paper .we thinks to you michel chantal

  2. Hi Wayne and MA!
    At long last, your cruise is underway. When Wayne noted that MA's tax season was a bear, and that she'd undergone eye surgery, dental surgery, PLUS she broke her wrist, all in just the last 4 months, I said to myself "No wonder she's tired and ready for a rest!" Bless you both. Promise your little sister you'll take it really easy these next several days, MA. By the way, our brother Mike's coming to LA May 1st for 2 weeks, with Miranda of course. :) Love, Nola XOXO

  3. Wayne,

    Looks like you and MA are off to another great start. Looking forward to your blog updates!!!!

    HAVE A GOD BLESSED DAY - dave b.


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