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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 2: At Sea

Day 2:  At Sea
The word for Day 2 was relaxation.  We watched the sunrise, had coffee in the room and headed out to the Promenade deck for a walk around the ship. It seemed like we were the only ones up that early and we pretended the ship was ours alone.
Next on the agenda was breakfast at the buffet and then on to the adults only swimming pool. Given that there are about 1000 or more kids on board, we were glad they had all the other pools to play in.  One thing about the pools though.  The water is freezing which is a disappointment. We took books to read, I started my Tom Clancy novel and promptly fell asleep! 
Later on, I saw that MA was enjoying conversations with the folks next to her so I decided to go get the computer and go online to send out yesterday’s travel blog. I quickly learned that Royal Caribbean thinks their passengers are more computer savvy than I am because getting the internet on this ship is a very complicated procedure.  Then at 65 cents a minute, one tends to “type fast” and log off.  Unfortunately for me, the log off didn’t work and I was charged for 48 minutes when my online time was really 3 minutes. Fortunately for me the passenger services clerk was very helpful and credited my account for the 48 minutes. 
While I was fussing with all that, MA went to an ice skating show.  The rink was about the size of an Olympic pool and she was amazed at what those skaters were able to do. Monday evening was formal night. We set up the tripod, put the Nikon on timer and took our own formal pictures. Then it was on to dinner where we met some nice folks from Dallas, Oregon and Nevada.  
Sunrise 3rd Day


  1. Hello from Jared & Tracey the honeymooners from the Mediterranean cruise in September. Have a great trip, We look forward to seeing your newest travel images

  2. You better learn how to get on and off the ship's Internet real soon. Looks like (as usual) you and MA are having a nice time. Please keep the updates coming (with pictures).

    HAVE A GOD BLESSED DAY - dave b.


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